Mission Statement

Child of Society was born through the belief that we are all products of society, reflecting the influences around us, ever evolving, learning and growing.

Child of Society exists to bring Japanese and Sri Lankan traditional garments and their respective crafts to be more recognised in Western society. We hope that by doing this we can shift the narrative away from Western garments being regarded as the global standard for appropriate and respectable attire. With this shift, non-western garments will be given the space to exist beyond cultural ceremonies, festivities and tourism. 

Child of Society aims to spread in-depth knowledge and educate consumers on cultural attire and longstanding techniques.

 Child of Society not only draws inspiration from longstanding techniques, but also replicates practices in a unique way. From natural dye methods based on century old recipes to zero-waste designs embracing the spirit of traditional garments.

Child of Society also puts the values expressed by the techniques into practice. These include care, consideration of place/ environment and incorporating longstanding knowledge systems. We aim to learn, replicate and innovate upon longstanding techniques so that these hundreds to thousand-year-old craft techniques can be passed down to future generations. 

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Culture Statement

Land Statement

Gender Statement