Kanzashi Hat


Kanzashi (簪) – Hair Ornament
100% Deadstock cotton

The kanzashi hat is made up of 25 tsumami kanzashi fabric flowers, 126 handsewn petals. This hat provides a modern take on the traditional hair ornament. It is hand dyed with organic indigo powder and is zero waste by design. The wooden beads have been sourced from a certified ethical origin, using wood from naturally fallen branches.


In Japanese culture, when one turns 20 years old, they participate in a Coming of Age Ceremony (seijinshiki). For women, part of this ceremony is to dress in a Furisode style Kimono with traditional hair accessories (kanzashi). When I celebrated my seijinshiki, I was given a box of traditional hair ornaments (kanzashi) to choose from, one being a tsumami hana kanzashi (pinched flower hair ornament). I admired this kanzashi’s beauty as an accessory and as a representation of my culture. I would have liked to continue wearing it, however, could not see it fitting in with my current style/ wardrobe. This sparked the recreation of this hair ornament in a modern context. It prompts conversation about the evolving nature of cultural design and tradition.

Tsumami Kanzashi (簪) flowers are traditionally made with silk and starch/ rice glue on a base. Traditionally, they are worn with consideration of the motifs that reflect the current season. In my interpretation, I have created a simple and seasonless 5 petal tsumami hana as the base flower. To accommodate the practical needs of a hat (i.e. flexibility, durability and comfort), the flowers are not constructed using the traditional method but rather sewing with thread.

Terms and Conditions

By pre-ordering this item you understand that it will take 4-6 weeks to produce (excluding shipping). Colours and patterns of the fabric will vary slightly due to the nature of natural dyes and handmade design. Please see our return & refund policies here

By purchasing this item you also agree to dispose of it responsibly and to the best of your ability. This can include repairing, re-gifting, donating and composting (where possible). Please contact us if you need any assistance with disposal.


The important measurement for the Kanzashi Hat is your head circumference at the point/ angle a hat sits.
The recommended sizing is as follows:

S/M: 54-56cm
M/L: 57-59cm
Custom: Available on request. For custom sizing we will need a head circumference measurement at the point where a hat would sit.

If between sizes please size up, the hat will soften and mould to your head over time.


  1. Cut 126 Squares
  2. Fold and overlock
  3. Dye squares
  4. Wash
  5. Sew into petals and flowers
  6. Join flowers to form hat
  7. Add beads
  8. Final touches
  9. Pack to new wearer


Care Instructions are vital to prolonging the life of garments. Due to the delicate nature of Child of Society items, special care is required:
– Store in shade away from any direct sunlight.
– ONLY hand wash and spot clean with a mild detergent to avoid splotching and colour variation.
– Do not bleach or soak. Do not tumble dry, Dry in shade, Reshape with lukewarm water if necessary.

This hat is currently hand-made and hand dyed with organic indigo powder. Reflecting nature, colours will naturally change, mature, and fade over time, making it unique to you! 

I hope you find beauty in this process. The natural origins of this garment also allow it to be compostable! Please repair, re-gift, donate and dispose responsibly. Contact us if you have any issues or questions. 



The majority of longstanding textile practices take decades of practice and  dedicated training to master. The purpose of these garments is to incorporate a deep appreciation for longstanding techniques through a modern lens for a sustainable future. These designs are handmade by a young Australian designer to honour her heritage and share her culture. These garments are not claiming to be of traditional artisanal standards or practices.