Mal Hana Top


Mal (මල්) = ‘flowers’ in Singhalese

Hana (花) = ‘flower’ in Japanese

100% Deadstock cotton

Inspired by a traditional Sari, the drape of the corded straps flow over the shoulder towards the back. These are adjustable! The buttons are made of fabric flowers inspired by tsumami flowers, traditionally used for hair ornaments. This top is hand-dyed with organic indigo powder and is zero waste by design.


The Mal Hana Top has been created with the drape of a Sari (සාරි) as the main point of inspiration. A Sari is a traditional style of women’s clothing in Sri Lanka as well as many other countries in South-East Asia, including Bangladesh and India.

A Sari begins as a length of fabric usually 4-8m (4.5-9 yards) that is draped around the body/waist and over the shoulder. This fabric is usually brightly dyed cotton or silk with embroidered motifs. The Mal Hana top has been made to replicate the top half of a sari, focusing on the feature over the shoulder. In Sri Lanka there are two main styles of draping a sari, the Indian style (classic nivi drape) and the Kandyan style (osaria). There are over 100 ways and variations to drape a Sari and most are regionally specific.

The buttons on the Mal Hana top are Tsumami Kanzashi Flowers and the twisted cords are inspired from coconut fibre rope cording. These straps can knotted and be adjusted as desired.

Terms and Conditions

By pre-ordering this item you understand that it will take 4-6 weeks to produce (excluding shipping). Colours and patterns of the fabric will vary slightly due to the nature of natural dyes and handmade design. Please see our return & refund policies here


The important measurement for the Mal Hana Top is the upper/above chest measurement. This is where the top will support itself.

The upper/above chest measurements are as follows:
XS: 72cm
S: 79cm
M: 87cm
L: 95cm
XL: 102cm

The standard length for all tops are 38cm.
If between sizes please size down due to stretch.

Custom: For custom sizing we will need an above chest measurement minimum. Add custom length if desired.


  1. Cut fabric
  2. Dye Fabric
  3. Wash
  4. Make cording
  5. Make flowers
  6. Sew to top
  7. Final touches


Care Instructions are vital to prolonging the life of garments. Due to the delicate nature of Child of Society items, special care is required:
– Store in shade away from any direct sunlight.
– For the first few washes: Hand wash or Cold machine wash with like-colours.
– Line dry flat in shade and iron inside out around the flowers. 
– Do not bleach or soak. Do not tumble dry.

This top is currently hand-made and hand dyed with organic indigo powder. Reflecting nature, colours will naturally change, mature, and fade over time, making it unique to you! 

I hope you find beauty in this process. The natural origins of this garment also allow it to be compostable! Please repair, re-gift, donate and dispose responsibly. Contact us if you have any issues or questions.



The majority of longstanding textile practices take decades of practice and  dedicated training to master. The purpose of these garments is to incorporate a deep appreciation for longstanding techniques through a modern lens for a sustainable future. These designs are handmade by a young Australian designer to honour her heritage and share her culture. These garments are not claiming to be of traditional artisanal standards or practices.